Friday, September 24, 2010

Southern Nevada Car Show

Quite a success! Although a bit heavy on the 60's Mustangs (not a bad thing, I just get a bit bored of line after line of Mustangs), the show was a great representation of what little car culture we have left here in Vegas. Each time I go to these events, I'm genuinely surprised at the showing from enthusiasts. My personal favorite from the whole event was a Lotus Espirit that showed up late. You just can't beat something that off the wall in a classic car show. Now I'm off to the Barrett-Jackson auction to see what other rides I can scope.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Tonight:

I saw a Ferrari 599! It was the first one I've seen here in town, and it was particularly fantastic. Along with the free cocktails from the gala and the view from the condos, I found today to be quite exceptional. Luckily we didn't stay long, as the crowding throughout the building came to be a turn off. Tomorrow is the car show, so hopefully that'll turn out well.